• CBD Infusion OKLM - Ho Karan
  • CBD Infusion OKLM - Ho Karan
  • CBD Infusion OKLM - Ho Karan
  • CBD Infusion OKLM - Ho Karan
CBD Infusion OKLM - Ho Karan


Ho Karan OKLM ("to calm") herbal tea, created with tea sommelier Kodama, brings well-being and soothing thanks to the combination of CBD-rich hemp flowers and oolong blossoms.

HO KARAN de-stresses urbanites with its expertise in Breton cannabis in a bold and responsible way.
The mission of OKLM infusion is to soothe you at any time of day.
This unique creation was developed with tea sommelier Kodama, an artisan infuser with a conviction that taste is as important as the emotion it arouses.
The CBD infusion combines the herbal notes of hemp with the sweetness of Breton caramel, to offer you a comforting moment, alone or to share...

Ho Karan products do not contain THC.

As a precautionary measure, CBD is not recommended for ingestion by pregnant and/or breast-feeding women, or by children. Consequently, this product is not suitable for pregnant and/or breast-feeding women and children.
Non-recyclable Doypack packaging.
Made in France.
Contents : 60g.

Directions for use

Drink in the evening or throughout the day for a relaxing break.

To enhance the absorption of CBD in a hemp infusion, it's important to add a touch of fat, as CBD is fat-soluble (soluble in fats and oils): vegetable milk, a knob of butter or coconut oil, for example.



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This product contains no synthetic chemicals or GMOs.


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Ho Karan

CBD Infusion OKLM

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Ho Karan OKLM herbal tea, created with Kodama's tea sommelier.


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