Our concept

There's no better recommendation than from someone who knows you, wants the best for you and can be trusted. Jolimoi is the first Social Selling by recommendation platform bringing together the best stylists, wellness, make-up and nutrition experts for enlightened beauty.

Our values

At Jolimoi, we're a community of entrepreneurs who believe in collective intelligence. It's together that we're building the business of tomorrow, thanks to Social Selling, the new way of doing commerce, based on recommendation, technological tools and Jolimoi's proprietary method.

At Jolimoi, we believe that joy is a vector for performance. We enable thousands of freelancers to turn their love of the product into an income-generating activity, in which everyone can flourish within a caring and supportive community. No competitors, just partners.

At Jolimoi, we believe in sensible consumption, providing all the information you need to make an informed decision. With no targets, no incentive to sell a particular product, brand or volumes, our stylists enjoy total independence to develop their business.

Our caring community

More than 10,000 stylists, quality specifiers, make up our community, where sharing, mutual support and a passion for recommendation reign supreme. They embody our values day after day, and are trained daily in our proprietary method and catalog. Independent but never alone.

Our multi-brand catalog

Beauty, well-being, nutrition... every day our teams discover and launch new brands on the platform, as well as well-known brands. Innovation, quality, commitment and responsibility are at the heart of our selection process. The depth of our catalog enables our Social Sellers to select their favorite brands and address all the issues, needs and desires of their customers, while providing them with ultra-personalized support and recommendations.

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Our technological tools

Jolimoi provides its stylists with innovative, high-performance tools to launch, manage and develop their business at their own pace (recommendation assistance, order management, content creation, etc.). Coupled with the human support of our community, it's this unique alliance that enables everyone to become quality prescribers and to be able to support others in their turn. Independent, but never alone.

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Our proprietary method

All our efforts are focused on a single objective: to help our Social Sellers develop their business in the best possible conditions. Jolimoi is also a unique, proprietary sales method on which you can rely with complete confidence.

Our story is your story too

Whether you want to supplement your income or make it a full-time activity, the Jolimoi adventure is also the open success story of thousands of people who have joined forces to take control of their life .

Launched in September 2017 by Isabelle Rabier, quickly joined by Jennifer Fiorentino, Mathilde Rigabert and Aurélia Clot, Jolimoi is at the crossroads of BeautyTech and RetailTech.

We run a community of 10,000 independent Social Sellers who advise and support you at every day in the purchase of your beauty and well-being routines from a catalog of over 70 brands with a positive impact , carefully selected by our teams.

Jolimoi is also committed to ESG, as demonstrated by our choice of partner brands and our positive role in promoting entrepreneurship throughout the country, particularly among women.

At Jolimoi, we don't just sell products in an ultra-customized way, we also pass on our passion for beauty and recommendations.

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Jolimoi is also an entrepreneurial adventure of 4 women with complementary backgrounds : Isabelle Rabier, who had already set up a start-up in the beauty sector, Dermance, a sector she is passionate about, saw that small brands were finding it difficult to emerge in the face of the big brands, even though their products are just as effective and, what's more, have a low environmental impact. She also observed that more and more consumers were buying on recommendation, via social networks or in real life.
So in September 2017, she came up with the idea of digitalizing and professionalizing home and network selling in this beauty world, blending technology and data with social selling. She was soon joined by the 3 co-founders of Jolimoi: Jennifer Fiorentino, Director of Digital Marketing and , Mathilde Rigabert, CTO, and Aurélia Clot, CNO (Chief Network Officer). The Jolimoi adventure had begun.

Isabelle Rabier, founder and CEO
Originally from Bordeaux, Isabelle Rabier has a multicultural upbringing and has developed the open-mindedness and the art of shaking up the codes of those who have traveled extensively. In 2002, she obtained a BA in Economics from University College London, followed by a Master's degree in Economics at France. She then joined the HEC business school, where she studied economics and entrepreneurship for 3 years. In 2009, she co-founded Dermance with Grégory Crossley, a brand of anti-aging products for women aged 40, sold directly by independent beauty consultants. She refined this model to go even further with the creation of Jolimoi in 2017, the first multi-brand social selling platform in the beauty and wellness sector.

Jennifer Fiorentino, co-founder and Director of Operational Marketing and digital
Jennifer holds a law degree (Paris II Assas), specializing in Intellectual Property Law ( Cardozo University in Manhattan). In 2008, she passed the New York bar exam. In 2011, back in France, she took over as Vide Dressing's legal director and set up the fight against counterfeiting on the site. In 2014, she launched the "Place du Mariage" platform, which she developed for two years, managing everything at once. This confirmed her taste for entrepreneurship. In 2017, Jennifer met Isabelle Rabier, at the beginning of the Jolimoi story. Today, she is director of operational and digital marketing for the brand.

Mathilde Rigabert, co-founder and Technical Director
Mathilde has been passionate about IT since she was a little girl. So she decided to study software development, graduating from Polytech Paris Sud (formerly Orsay) in 2007 with a Bac+5. She became a freelancer after less than a year's experience. A Java engineer, she is in great demand and enjoys working on several projects at the same time: in 2010, she co-founded the Duchess France association, which brings together all women developers in France, now numbering almost 4,000. Since 2012, she has been speaking at conferences in France, Europe and the United States to share her knowledge of the tech world. An entrepreneur at heart, Mathilde has also launched several projects, including a edutainment mobile game studio for children, Aetys, and a community app (Sofizz). In 2018, she wanted to take part in a new project to challenge herself, and met Isabelle Rabier. She joined then Jolimoi. She designs and develops the website, the Jolimoi Business App and all Jolimoi Tech tools like Diagnostics, the live shopping option, the Virtual Make-up Studio. Today, Mathilde is one of the only female CTOs of a hyper-growth startup in France.

Aurélia Clot, co-founder and network manager
Aurélia is a self-taught woman, convinced that you can succeed in your professional life by training yourself. She has held a series of odd jobs since the age of 16, opting for short studies in Law and Communications between 1992 and 1995, as she wanted to get out into the world of work as quickly as possible. She worked for almost 10 years in the media, successively for Europe 1, Canal + and M6, in marketing and at la communication. In 2014, she was recruited by Stella & Dot, an American home jewelry retailer and pioneer of digital. She then trained to manage a network of salespeople in person and remotely/online, she professionalized this profession and developed the brand in France, until 2017. In less than 3 years, she multiplied by 10 this network. Knowing Isabelle Rabier through Dermance, Aurélia closely follows her developments and seizes the opportunity at time of the official launch of Jolimoi in 2017. Today, she is the Director of our network of Stylists, the "Swiss Army knife" of this network of 10,000 Social independent, volunteer Sellers who work from home. What drives her? Proving that with the right tools at disposal, hard work and determination, success is possible for everyone!

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