Club Jolimoi

Discover the Club Jolimoi, our signature rewards program. The opportunity to receive exclusive benefits to thank you for your daily commitment within OUR community. At Jolimoi, we love to please you, so take advantage and join the club!

Thanks to your loyalty pointschoose gifts of your choice !

By joining the Club Jolimoi, you have access to 2 status entitling you to gift points.
Que ce soit à chaque euro dépensé sur le site ou grâce aux actions que vous accomplissez, soyez récompensé à chaque fois. Vous partagez déjà vos bons plans avec vos proches ?
By joining the Jolimoi Club, you will finally be rewarded as it should be!
At any time, these points can be exchanged for exceptional benefits such as exclusive products, accessories goodies and many other privileges.

Join the Club Jolimoi and treat yourself.

What is Club Jolimoi?
Club Jolimoi is Jolimoi's signature rewards program. It gives you the opportunity to receive exclusive benefits to thank you for your daily commitment to our community.
By joining Club Jolimoi, you gain access to 2 statuses entitling you to gift points. You'll be rewarded for every euro you spend on the site, or for every action you take.
At any time, these gift points can be exchanged for exceptional benefits such as exclusive products, accessories, goodies and many other privileges.
How do I join Club Jolimoi?
To join Club Jolimoi, simply create an account on, then sign up for the program. It's totally free!
How do I earn gift points?
Club Jolimoi rewards you for every action you take. There's no limit: the more you do, the more gift points you earn.
How can I track my gift points?
Go to your account in the "My Club Jolimoi" section.
Your Gift Points balance will appear at the top of the page.
How do I redeem my gift points?
You can redeem your gift points directly in the Gift Shop, available exclusively to Club Jolimoi members.
Rewards vary according to your status as an Initiate or Ambassador.
What rewards can I earn with my gift points?
Your gift points entitle you to exceptional benefits such as exclusive products, accessories and goodies. New products will be added as they become available, so check your Gift Shop regularly.
How do I become a Club Jolimoi Ambassador?
To become an Ambassador, all you need to do is complete at least one action corresponding to this status. To find out more about what you can do, go to your account in the "My Club Jolimoi" section.
You'll find details of the actions corresponding to each status.
How long are my gift points valid for?
12 months. From the moment they are generated - after the legal cooling-off period of 14 days following receipt of your order - your gift points are valid for 12 months.
I have a question about my gift points?
Contact us by mail to [email protected], our client service is at your disposal.
How do I unsubscribe from Club Jolimoi?
We are sad to see you leave Club Jolimoi. But if this is your choice, please click on the Unsubscribe link.