The Jolimoi community shares their beauty experiences. We reveal how they discovered the concept, what their relationship with their Stylist is like, and what they think of Jolimoi.


24 years, Aytre

I've been won over by the products I've tested and chosen. Thanks to my discovery of Jolimoi, I've found products that suit my skin and respect criteria such as organic, natural and vegan, to which I'm very sensitive. I am finally sticking to a beauty routine that I consider to be a pleasure and not a constraint.


41 years

I used not to take care of my skin, but now thanks to Jolimoi I enjoy doing so. At first it was to support my wife in her business, then it became all natural thanks to the quality of the products.


28 years

The Jolimoi website allows me to find out what suits my skin type, and my stylist also helps me with my beauty routine. It's easy to use and the products are really adapted to my skin.


25 years, Aytre

I decided to use the Jolimoi concept because it offers a wide choice of organic and vegan products, the products are quality, original and perfectly suited to my skin type and hair. I would define my relationship with my stylist Beauté Prunia as one of trust. I feel very comfortable asking her any questions about which Jolimoi products would be best for me. Prunia always answers me with great precision and relevance.


39 years, Auray

I've chosen to replace my supermarket products with quality products. I target what I need and I no longer clutter up my bathroom. Packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, so the ecological footprint is reduced. My stylist understands my needs (even when I can't formulate them completely), advises me without trying to add to the final bill, and knows perfectly what will suit my skin and personality. Since my 1st order, I haven't looked at mass-market products!


40 years

Jolimoi listens to my needs and allows me to take care of myself. My stylist is a friend with whom I have a relationship of total trust. I trust Nathalie, my Stylist, to keep me informed whenever there are new products for men.


28 years, Lormont

I don't often buy beauty products online because I never know if they'll suit my sensitive skin. With Jolimoi, I can buy without going anywhere, benefit from personalized advice and use products that respect my skin, my needs and are in line with my way of consuming. In short, I can take care of myself without worrying. My relationship with my stylist is based on trust and sincerity. What I like is that she guides me and advises me on products adapted to my needs, budget and tastes. She is transparent with me. I know she won't push me to buy if I don't want to. She takes good care of me.


38 years, Bordeaux

My stylist is a good listener with good advice tailored to my needs. I love discovering new products but also brands that pay attention to their ingredients.


29 years, Vouzaille

The Jolimoi concept is the pleasure of making myself beautiful and having sublime skin. My stylist and I have a great relationship full of exchange and sharing.


37 years, Paris

For my beauty routine, Jolimoi gives me the assurance of having quality products adapted to my needs, especially when you have very sensitive and reactive skin. I use the Jolimoi concept precisely to get advice and the opinion of a beauty professional who can guide me on both skincare and make-up. Trust best defines my relationship with my stylist. She knows me, listens to me and is available to give me the best advice.


30 years, Angers

My relationship with my stylist is caring, at listening to my expectations and present when I have questions about the products, it's always a pleasure to discuss with her. I'm never disappointed by the products, and I also discover brands I'd never have bought if I hadn't been guided. Another positive point is that is delivered quickly to your home, so you don't have to get impatient or travel.


39 years, Arnac Pompadour

What I love about Jolimoi is the bond I've created with my stylist , who gives me great advice.


33 years, Boisne

What I love about Jolimoi is the personalized advice from my stylist - my sister at heart - and my new beauty routine.


29 years, Tourcoing

I've never been disappointed by my orders and I'm very responsive when I need them . You can't put a price on taking care of yourself, and is why I chose Jolimoi. A very good relationship with a top-notch advisor, available and ready to listen to me and give me the advice I need.


33 years, Lille

Jolimoi has given me advice on which products to use on a daily basis, adapted to me and introduced me to new brands that are perfect for me. I started using Jolimoi thanks to my Stylist who introduced me to this concept and I find it very practical and effective. My stylist beauty is more than just an advisor to me, we are real friends and she knows me perfectly well and can therefore give me the best advice. I always turn to her for any beauty advice or make-up.


61 years, Albertville

With the advice of my stylist, my routine is simple, I can't do without it! I've regained my confidence in my femininity. Even at 60, you can still feel beautiful! My Stylist explained the Jolimoi concept to me and, at last, I felt I was being taken care of! What's more the products are vegan, healthy and of excellent quality.


29 years, Pont Audemer

I'm discovering some great brands to gradually change my beauty routine towards healthier products. It was Madison who introduced me to the concept at a Beauty Party, and I think it's great to have this close relationship with her and to be able to test products before making a purchase. It's always a pleasure to attend her workshops to learn about new products and the right gestures.


39 years

I love discovering new products and textures. My stylist is approachable and offers me well-suited products. Her advice is very clear and helpful.
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