• Ultra Fresh Mint Toothpaste - Lamazuna
  • Ultra Fresh Mint Toothpaste - Lamazuna
Ultra Fresh Mint Toothpaste - Lamazuna


A fun, practical and eco-friendly format for fresh breath. You'll love this chewy toothpaste!
Mint arvensis, with its high concentration of menthol, promises invigorating tooth brushing. This essential oil is also known for its anti-bacterial, analgesic and anesthetic properties, ideal for mouth aches. This chewable toothpaste contains fluoride to further combat cavities.
Going on vacation? Take only the number of lozenges you need - zero waste guaranteed!

It contains 120 lozenges and lasts 2 months with two uses a day.
COSMOS Organic certified. 100% of ingredients are of natural origin.
Its single-material paper bag is 94% recyclable and made from FSC wood from Northern European forests.

Not suitable for pregnant and/or breast-feeding women. Not recommended for children under 12. Avoid in case of allergy to any of the ingredients.
Contents : 33g.
Handcrafted in France.

Directions for use

Une pastille = un brossage de dents !
Mâchez-en une pour créer une pâte puis brossez-vous les dents comme d’habitude.

Déconseillé aux femmes enceintes et allaitantes et aux enfants de moins de 12 ans car il contient de l’huile essentielle de menthe arvensis. Ne pas avaler. Ne pas utiliser en cas d’allergie à l’un des composants. Tenir hors de portée des enfants. Conserver dans un endroit sec et frais, à l’abri de la lumière.

Pour une meilleure conservation de vos pastilles, gardez-les dans un pot hermétique plutôt que dans leur sachet d’origine.


Sorbitol, zea mays starch, sodium lauroyl glutamate, xylitol, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, mentha arvensis leaf oil, sodium fluoride, limonene.,


Since its launch at the end of 2017, Jolimoi has strived to select the best products made for you from different types of brands: technical, natural, organic or vegan. Today, more and more of you are asking us questions about the ingredients in your favorite products or those you wish to purchase. Beauty you can trust" is more than our brand signature, it is our reason for being, our commitment. We are proud to give you confidence in the cosmetics you use every day by providing you with ever more transparency and advice. For all your questions, write to us at [email protected].
This product is guaranteed to be free of controversial ingredients for the skin and health and it complies with the standards of the European cosmetic regulations. To find out more about this product, ask a Stylist for advice.
This product contains no synthetic chemicals or GMOs.
This product is guaranteed not to contain any ingredients of animal origin, and no animal resources have been used in its manufacture.


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Ultra Fresh Mint Toothpaste

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Chewable toothpaste tablets for fresh breath.

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