• Rose gold oil - Jane Scriver
  • Rose gold oil - Jane Scriver
  • Rose gold oil - Jane Scriver
Rose gold oil - Jane Scriver


Rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, as well as essential fatty acids, Rose gold oil is a particularly effective facial oil for helping to reduce visible veins under the skin and regenerate damaged skin. It also helps balance sebum production and protect the skin with its powerful antioxidant properties.

Its energizing otto rose fragrance can be used as a mood booster, particularly for those coping with hormonal changes linked to menopause, to promote general well-being without irritating the skin.
Skin is soothed and repaired, with a reduction in redness and visible veins, and stimulation of collagen and elastin.


- Jojoba oil: Rich in natural esters to moisturize and balance the skin, jojoba is packed with skin-benefiting ingredients such as vitamin B complex, zinc, copper, selenium and vitamin E. It mimics the skin's natural sebum production to promote nutrient absorption and the skin's natural barrier function.

- Bulgarian rose oil: Soothes and evens skin tone, helping to reduce the appearance of veins, inflammation and redness. This active ingredient promotes the growth of healthy skin cells to strengthen and smooth all skin types, particularly sensitive or mature skin.

Rose fragrance.

Suitable for all skin types, particularly mature and/or menopausal skin, sensitive skin, and skin prone to visible veins and redness. Suitable for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

Recyclable packaging.
Capacity: 30ml.
Made in the UK.

Directions for use

Apply a pump of oil to your fingertips, allow it to warm to your body temperature and then apply it gently and sparingly to your face.

After application, bring your hands to your nose and inhale the essence present in this oil slowly and deeply for an invigorating effect.


Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, citronellol, geraniol, eugenol, linalool, farnesol, citral.,


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This product is guaranteed not to contain any ingredients of animal origin, and no animal resources have been used in its manufacture.


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Jane Scrivner

Rose gold oil

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Soothing facial oil for redness and mature or sensitive skin.

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