• Anti-hair loss masks x4 - MakeMyMask
  • Anti-hair loss masks x4 - MakeMyMask
  • Anti-hair loss masks x4 - MakeMyMask
  • Anti-hair loss masks x4 - MakeMyMask
  • Anti-hair loss masks x4 - MakeMyMask
  • Anti-hair loss masks x4 - MakeMyMask
Anti-hair loss masks x4 - MakeMyMask


MakeMyMask Anti-Hair Loss Mask is an innovative 100% natural hair mask with proven efficacy, designed to help slow and reduce hair loss. Thanks to its innovative complex of Brahmi powder and mustard vegetable oil, this mask helps stimulate growth while reducing hair loss. The result is stronger, healthier hair.

Main active ingredients:

- Brahmi powder: Rich in bacosides, it strengthens hair and stimulates growth while combating hair loss. It densifies fine hair and adds volume.
- Aloe vera : Aloe vera powder has exceptional moisturizing, soothing, protective and regenerating properties, thanks to the polysaccharides it contains.
- Vegetal mustard oil: reputed to combat hair loss and promote hair growth. Erucic acid and omega 3 provide stimulating action at the roots.

Clinical results:

Clinical study carried out under dermatological control. After 1 month's use:
- 85% strengthened hair
- 75% hair growth
- 75% prevention of hair loss

Suitable for pregnant and/or breast-feeding women. Suitable for children over 3.
Recyclable primary and secondary packaging.
Contents: 4 sachets of rehydrating powders for a 1-month treatment (1 treatment per week).
Made in France.

Directions for use

Pour 90ml of water into a bowl or jar and gently stir in the entire sachet. Close the jar and shake or stir in the bowl with a wooden spoon until creamy.

Before shampooing, on dry hair, apply the mask to the entire scalp, parting by parting, and leave for 15 minutes.
Rinse and cleanse with a mild natural shampoo to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment.


Bacopa monnieri leaf powder, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder, brassica nigra seed extract, cananga odorata flower oil.,


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This product is guaranteed not to contain any ingredients of animal origin, and no animal resources have been used in its manufacture.


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Anti-hair loss masks x4

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Set of 4 anti-hair loss masks.

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