• Dune, vibrating accessory - My Lubie
  • Dune, vibrating accessory - My Lubie
  • Dune, vibrating accessory - My Lubie
  • Dune, vibrating accessory - My Lubie
Dune, vibrating accessory - My Lubie


Dune, a vibrating accessory, is a clitoral stimulator that's sure to sweep you off your feet. The shape, material and power of this soft silicone pebble have been designed to increase your sensations tenfold, whether solo, in a duo or even more.

Dune is a rechargeable vibrating accessory that fits in the palm of your hand. Explore different sensations thanks to its various reliefs: wide stimulation, localized pleasure, between your partner and yourself - the possibilities are endless! Inclusive, it can be used to massage the perineum, vulva, anus, clitoris and more.

Dune isn't just a sex toy: it's an invitation to explore as much as an orgasm at your fingertips. Small but powerful, it has a silent motor (handy for discretion as well as concentration) and different vibration intensities. Gentle waves or radiations of pleasure: it's up to you. You're free to place its organic shape wherever it feels good: against the vulva, moving over the clitoris, roaming over the body. Its XXS size (it fits in the palm of your hand) makes it nomadic, ready to follow you everywhere... Even in the shower or bath, since it's waterproof. Dune has an autonomy of 1 to 4 hours, then recharges on a mains socket.

Suitable for pregnant and/or breast-feeding women.
Made in China.

Directions for use

Use alone or with others!



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My Lubie

Dune, vibrating accessory

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Clitoral vibrator.

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