• Menstrual cup Size 1 - Lamazuna
  • Menstrual cup Size 1 - Lamazuna
  • Menstrual cup Size 1 - Lamazuna
  • Menstrual cup Size 1 - Lamazuna
  • Menstrual cup Size 1 - Lamazuna
Menstrual cup Size 1 - Lamazuna


The Cup means freedom and comfort once again!

The Lamazuna feminine Cup, also known as the menstrual cup, replaces tampons and sanitary towels for 10 years.
The cup is a receptacle that is placed in the vagina to collect blood during menstruation.
Its flexibility allows it to be easily folded for insertion, then unfolded at the entrance to the vagina in a watertight manner.
Ultra discreet, this protection is perfectly invisible. It is completely invisible, causing no discomfort whatsoever.

It offers many advantages:
- It is economical: it can be kept for up to 10 years, avoiding the need for disposable protection.
- It respects your vaginal flora and simply retains blood, unlike tampons which absorb it and tend to dry out the vaginal walls.
- It can stay in place for 6 hours without risk of leakage.

Choose size 1 for a light flow.

Made from 100% medical platinum silicone. GOTS-certified organic cotton pouch.
Recyclable cardboard label.
Dimensions: diameter: 42mm, length: 47mm, capacity: 23ml.
Made in Vaucluse, France.

Directions for use

Before each use, sterilize your cup by boiling it for 10 minutes.
Fold your cup and insert it at the entrance to the vagina. You can leave it in place for up to 6 hours.
Then, after washing your hands, grasp it by the little stem and pinch the cup to create a draft, before gently removing it.
Empty the cup, rinse with cold tap water, then reposition.
At the end of the cycle, keep your cup in its certified organic cotton pouch, not in an airtight box.

All women can use the menstrual cup, whether they are virgins or not.
It is compatible with the IUD. Recommendations if you use an IUD: ask your gynecologist to cut the string as short as possible and press firmly on one side of your cup to remove the suction cup effect before pulling it outwards. This prevents the IUD from being sucked out when the cup is removed.



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Menstrual cup Size 1

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An ultra-discreet menstrual cup in a pretty pink pouch.

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