• My Holy applicator-free tampons
  • My Holy applicator-free tampons
  • My Holy applicator-free tampons
My Holy applicator-free tampons


Organic cotton, soft and effective, with nothing weird about it! French brand My Holy sets new standards with natural products made in Spain without bleaching and certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Reusable box of 16 tampons without applicator, guaranteed viscose- and pesticide-free, chlorine- and dioxin-free, additive- and superabsorbent-free, dye- and fragrance-free - protection tested by Eurofins laboratory, toxicological analysis report available on

Light for light flows (6-9g)
Regular for medium flows (9-12g)
Super for heavy flows (12-15g)

Directions for use

Buffers are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare but serious infection. Always choose the minimum absorbance for your flow. Do not use two pads at the same time. Change your tampon regularly, every 4 to 6 hours maximum. Don't wear them at night, or between cycles before your period.
"If during your period or shortly after you perceive flu-like symptoms (they don't necessarily all occur at once): high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and sore throat, fainting, dizziness, muscle aches, rash - remove the tampon as a precautionary measure, notify a doctor or hospital immediately and mention TSS."


Cœur absorbant et cordon en coton 100% biologique (95,51%), voile en tissu polyester (2,03%) et emballage individuel en plastique (2,46%) - pourcentages calculés sur la base du grammage d’un tampon regular.


Since its launch at the end of 2017, Jolimoi has strived to select the best products made for you from different types of brands: technical, natural, organic or vegan. Today, more and more of you are asking us questions about the ingredients in your favorite products or those you wish to purchase. Beauty you can trust" is more than our brand signature, it is our reason for being, our commitment. We are proud to give you confidence in the cosmetics you use every day by providing you with ever more transparency and advice. For all your questions, write to us at [email protected].
This product contains no synthetic chemicals or GMOs.
This product is guaranteed not to contain any ingredients of animal origin, and no animal resources have been used in its manufacture.


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My Holy

Tampons without applicator

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The buffer that doesn't shirk its responsibilities!


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