• Pro-Collagen Powder Strong Hair - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
  • Pro-Collagen Powder Strong Hair - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
  • Pro-Collagen Powder Strong Hair - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
  • Pro-Collagen Powder Strong Hair - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
  • Pro-Collagen Powder Strong Hair - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
Pro-Collagen Powder Strong Hair - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS


This formula combines a unique marine collagen complex, patented hydrolyzed keratin and targeted active ingredients for immediate action on hair loss and hair fiber reinforcement.

Who is it for?
- For anyone prone to hair loss.
- For those who want to make their hair more resistant.
- For those who have difficulty swallowing capsules.

Clinical study: The benefits of keratin have been clinically proven on 50 women and 50 men over 90 days. Results showed a significant reduction in hair loss. Cynatine promotes hair growth, structure, shine and health.

Its actions : Collagen is a protein naturally present in our dermis, whose production declines from the age of 25. The benefits of collagen have been clinically proven in a 90-day test on 44 people over the age of 40.

1 - Reduces hair loss: Keratin seals the hair at the root, for an immediate anti-hair-loss effect. This MSC-certified marine collagen stimulates endogenous keratin synthesis, preventing seasonal or hormonal hair loss.

2 - Improves hair's shine and resistance: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects your hair from external aggression and boosts your immune system for healthy hair, all year round. It also stimulates collagen synthesis.

3 - Strengthens the hair bulb: L-arginine deeply nourishes the bulb, while selenium protects hair from oxidative stress. They are the basic ingredients for weaving hair keratin. The bulb is strengthened, growth accelerated and the hair fortified.

Suitable for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women. Not recommended for children under 3. This formula is contraindicated for people allergic to fish and sulfites.

Pear flavor.
Recyclable bottle.
Capacity: 500ml.
Made in France.

Directions for use

Recommended dosage: 1 tablespoon daily, diluted in a glass of water or other beverage.

Duration of treatment and renewal: 3 consecutive months of treatment are required to follow the phases of hair growth, activate cellular memory and achieve visible, long-lasting results. This cure can be taken continuously, but it is advisable to take breaks of the same duration as the cure.


Hydrolysat de collagène 1,88 g et oligopeptides d'élastine 120 mg (poisson , mollusque , crustacé) ,Fructo-oligosaccharides 2 g ,Poudre de jus de poire - Pyrus communis 1 g ; fruit ,Arôme naturel poire ,Hydrolysat de kératine (sulfites) 500 mg

L-arginine 100 mg ,Vitamine C 80 mg AR1 ,Arôme naturel ,Denrée alimentaire colorante (concentré de carthame, citron) ,Levure enrichie en sélénium 13,75 mg dont Sélénium 27,5 µg AR1.


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Pro-Collagen Powder Strong Hair

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Fortifying hair supplements, pear flavor.


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