• SilkyAir Pro Hair dryer - Silk'n
  • SilkyAir Pro Hair dryer - Silk'n
  • SilkyAir Pro Hair dryer - Silk'n
  • SilkyAir Pro Hair dryer - Silk'n
  • SilkyAir Pro Hair dryer - Silk'n
  • SilkyAir Pro Hair dryer - Silk'n
SilkyAir Pro Hair dryer - Silk'n


The SilkyAir Pro hair dryer dries and styles hair very quickly at low temperature, yet is lightweight and silent.

When it comes to drying hair, airflow is far more useful than temperature. While temperature is used to shape a hairstyle, airflow is used to "blow the water out of the hair". HYDRA-Ionic's cutting-edge technology offers multiple benefits, such as reduced frizz and smoother hair. It draws water out of the air and converts it into charged water microparticles. These particles penetrate deep into the hair cuticles, tightening them and reducing split ends and frizz. This technology helps maintain moisture balance, improve hair quality and strengthen hair, for more shine and a healthier look.

The powerful brushless motor reaches speeds of up to 110,000 rpm (or 76km/hour), delivering rapid results even at low temperatures. The concentrated air flow ensures ultra-fast drying, and its light weight and 3-meter cable ensure freedom of movement.

The SilkyAir Pro contains 6 temperature settings with a minimum temperature of 39°C and a maximum temperature of 98°C to suit all hair types. It also has a cold air button to set the style after shaping the desired movement.

Packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials.
This product contains: the Silky air pro, a magnetic blow-dry tip and a magnetic volume and curl tip, a travel case, and a heat-resistant mat (up to 220°C).
The product is guaranteed for 2 years.
Made in China.

Directions for use

Choose a temperature suited to your hair type, then give your hair the perfect shine.

You can adapt to your own desires, thanks to the two magnetic accessories included:
- With the concentrator, dry your hair quickly and blow-dry precisely thanks to the fast airflow.
- The diffuser enhances curls and adds volume by loosening roots.

The device has a self-cleaning function, so you can clean it from time to time. The air flow reverses to extract dust from the device.



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Ultra-powerful, silent, lightweight hair dryer.


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