• Progloss volume and shine brush - Revamp
  • Progloss volume and shine brush - Revamp
  • Progloss volume and shine brush - Revamp
  • Progloss volume and shine brush - Revamp
Progloss volume and shine brush - Revamp


Dry, detangle, volumize and style your hair with the Progloss™ Volume & Shine Blow Brush with 2 interchangeable heads. Lightweight and easy to use, this blowing brush incorporates negative and positive ionic jets to add volume at the roots and prevent frizz on the lengths. Enriched with ultra-smoothing Progloss™ keratin, argan and coconut oils, the ceramic cylinder works with two interchangeable heads (a small one for short or fine hair, and a larger version for styling long or thick hair more effectively). Achieve an ultra-shiny blow-dry worthy of a professional in record time with the Perfect Blow-Dry Brush from Progloss. This 4-in-1 multi-function brush delivers professional results, drying, detangling, smoothing and styling at the same time.

1,200 W volumizing blowbrush for drying, smoothing and detangling with the exclusive Quad ionic system for salon-like results. The brush has 4 heat settings and 2 speed settings, including an ultra-cool button.

Hot-air styling accessories are interchangeable and versatile. The large brush ensures optimal results on long hair, while the small brush is ideal for styling short or medium-length hair. 4-in-1 styling brushes have soft, flexible pins. Perfect for drying, detangling, smoothing and styling at the same time.

The ceramic cylinder and QUAD ion jets deliver optimized ion diffusion for smooth, ultra-shiny, frizz-free hair, with volume at the roots.

This product features a hinged rear filter for easy cleaning and a 3 m professional cord.

This product's secondary packaging is recyclable.
This product is not recommended for children under 16.

Model: DR-2500. 3-year warranty.

Made in China.

Directions for use

Wash your hair and use conditioner as usual.
- For extra protection, apply a heat protection spray.
- Squeeze out excess moisture with a towel and comb through to detangle. Secure your hair for styling.
Connect the appliance to a 220-240V mains outlet.
Select the brush head to be used and click on the product. To remove the brush heads, press the release button on the brush head, then pull it out.

Switch on the blower brush using the temperature/speed control ring on the lower part of the handle. Align it with the desired temperature/speed setting.

- The blowbrush features 3 speed/heat settings (high, low, cool) for precision hot styling of all hair types.
- Cool - powerful, cool airflow
- Low - air flow is low and warm
- High - powerful, warm airflow

- Before styling, separate your hair into sections. First, style the lower strands.
- For best results, style from top to bottom. Use the refreshing rotating nozzle for added styling comfort.
- To switch the appliance on, align it with the "OFF" position.
- After use, unplug the unit and allow it to cool before storing.



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Progloss volume and shine brush

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Blower brush with two interchangeable heads.


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