• Progloss Steam Straightener - Revamp
  • Progloss Steam Straightener - Revamp
  • Progloss Steam Straightener - Revamp
  • Progloss Steam Straightener - Revamp
  • Progloss Steam Straightener - Revamp
  • Progloss Steam Straightener - Revamp
Progloss Steam Straightener - Revamp


Keep your hair moisturized, while achieving silky-smooth styles with the Progloss™ Steam Care Straightener. This advanced straightener features a removable, easy-to-refill water reservoir that produces a continuous stream of steam. The aim being to preserve your hair's natural moisture and prevent dryness. It can be used with a lot of steam, a little steam or no steam at all.

This state-of-the-art straightener features a steam chamber that produces a continuous flow of steam, for moisturized, protected hair. Professional Steam ionic technology gives you faster, smoother results, while reducing color loss. The ingenious "Lock In Moisture" system offers 3 settings for a personalized styling experience: Regular, Low Steam and High Steam.

Temperature settings: Adjust the temperature of this straightener, from 150°C to 230°C, to suit your hair type. Whether your hair is fine, normal or thick, you can create a personalized styling experience with every use. Advanced intelligent heat control constantly regulates temperature, to ensure smooth results with minimal damage to hair.

Ceramic and ionic plates: Designed with ceramic and ionic technology, the floating plates will glide smoothly over your hair to help you create frizz-free styles with ease. To keep your hair shiny, this professional straightener is also infused with our unique combination of Progloss super-smooth oils, including keratin, argan oil and coconut oil.

Fast, easy styling: you'll be ready to style in seconds thanks to Pro MCH ultra-fast heat technology. Featuring a 3m swivel cable, this styling tool can be used for a variety of styles, including straight styles, curls or waves. For added safety, the straightener features an automatic shut-off function that ensures the straightener switches off after 60 minutes without use.

Suitable for use on dry hair only
Product weight : 410g
Contains a heat-resistant silicone mat.
Suitable for children over 16.
Model: St-1600. 3-year warranty.
Made in China.

Directions for use

- Wash your hair and use conditioner as usual.
- For extra protection, apply a heat protection spray.
- Dry and detangle your hair. Secure your hair for styling.
- Plug the appliance into a 220-240V mains socket.
- Fill your straightener's water tank. Unlock the water tank using the lock/unlock mechanism on the top of the straightener (A). After removing the tank (B), lift the black silicone tab and fill the tank with water. After removing the tank, lift the black silicone tab and fill the tank with water. Replace the tab after filling the tank, and snap the tank back into the unit.

- IMPORTANT: Use demineralized water to fill the water tank of your steam straightener.

- Select the right setting by turning the knob on the bottom of the straightener (C): no steam, low steam and high steam, depending on your hair type and length.
- For short, fine hair, we recommend the "low steam" setting.
- For thick, long hair, we recommend the "high steam" setting.
- Press the power button to switch on the appliance. The default temperature on switch-on is 210 ⁰C.

- IMPORTANT: On switch-on, if the steam setting has been selected, a small amount of water may be projected from the 5 small holes located on the upper ceramic plate.

- For normal use and approximately 30 minutes of styling, the water tank must be refilled:
- For "high steam" setting: after 6 uses
- For "low steam" setting: after 12 uses
- Use the touch-sensitive "+" and "-" temperature buttons to manually select the desired temperature. We recommend using a lower temperature at first.
- The temperature indicators flash, and the LED indicator stops flashing when the chosen temperature is reached.
- Working strand by strand, pass the straightener through the hair from roots to ends, without stopping. For even straighter hair, use a comb while straightening.
- Repeat the operation all over the hair, allowing it to cool before combing.
- This is a high-performance product that doesn't require much steam to be effective. Don't expect steam to be visible at all times.
- After using the straightener, switch it off, unplug it and place it on your REVAMP heat-resistant mat; let it cool before storing.
- For easy storage, the straightener plates can be closed using the lock/unlock lever as described in the Features section.



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Progloss Steam Care Straightener

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Steam straightener from 150°C to 230°C.


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