• Progloss 5500 Hairdryer - Revamp
  • Progloss 5500 Hairdryer - Revamp
  • Progloss 5500 Hairdryer - Revamp
  • Progloss 5500 Hairdryer - Revamp
  • Progloss 5500 Hairdryer - Revamp
  • Progloss 5500 Hairdryer - Revamp
Progloss 5500 Hairdryer - Revamp


Revamp combines cutting-edge technology and professional performance in a single hair dryer. Equipped with advanced ionic technology, you can choose a flow of negative, positive or neutral ions, depending on whether you want straight hair or volume. Supplied with three accessories, its diffuser will enable you to achieve perfect styles, and its air concentrator nozzle will ensure a blow-dry worthy of a great hairdresser. The hair dryer grid is infused with ultra-gentle Progloss™ oils that enhance hair's shine and luster.

Ionic jet with dual style setting: features dual style settings - negative for moisturized, smooth, shiny hair and positive for volume and shine. This powerful hair dryer comes with three different accessories: A smoothing nozzle, a styling nozzle and a deep bowl diffuser to create a variety of different styles.

Faster, more precise drying: This hair dryer is really powerful. To guarantee ultra-fast drying and impeccable results, the Progloss 5500 hair dryer is equipped with an AC Professional Long-Life motor. This high-powered 2400W hair dryer delivers up to 168m3/h, to help you create salon-quality hairstyles with ease.

Heat and speed settings: Dual speed settings and 4 heat levels are also included for a personalized styling experience tailored to your hair type. Use the Freeze Shot function to define your style and benefit from tailor-made blow-drying for a salon-quality look.

Easy to use: Professional and lightweight, this hair dryer comes with a three-meter power cable, ideal for large rooms or if your outlet isn't near your mirror. The matte black rubberized body is tough and durable.

2 air concentrators and a large deep-bowl diffuser 6 mm super-fine styling tip for easy use with a styling brush, smoothing tip and deep-bowl diffuser to disperse air evenly and enhance natural waves/curls.

Model: Dr-5500. 3-year warranty.
Suitable for children over 16.
Made in China.

Directions for use

- Wash your hair and use conditioner as usual.
- Squeeze out excess moisture with a towel and comb through to detangle.
- Apply a thermo-protective spray before drying.
- Connect the appliance to a 220-240V mains outlet.
- To dry hair quickly, use the appliance without the nozzle.
- To use the dryer without the concentrator, turn it on using the speed selector on the handle.
- For precision drying, use the 6 mm extra-fine concentrator nozzle or the smoothing concentrator nozzles.
- The large diffuser distributes air evenly, rather than concentrating it in one area. The diffuser is recommended for curly or wavy hair.
- To use the hairdryer with styling accessories, make sure it's switched off and cool, then attach the concentrator or diffuser by clipping it firmly onto the body of the hairdryer until it's securely in place. Use the low/medium temperature setting when using styling accessories.
- Set the temperature and speed switches on the handle to the desired setting (temperature and speed in high position for drying and low position for styling).
- To use the Ionizer, select "SMOOTH" for smooth styling or "VOLUME" for voluminous styling (see box on right). To switch off the Ionizer, place the switch in the middle position.
- To use the Ultra Cool mode, press and hold the button on the front of the dryer. This will cool the hair and set the style.
- After use, switch off the dryer by setting the speed to position 0, unplug and leave to cool before storing.



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Progloss 5500 Hairdryer

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High-performance professional hair dryer.


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