• Progloss Airstyle 6-in-1 brush - Revamp
  • Progloss Airstyle 6-in-1 brush - Revamp
  • Progloss Airstyle 6-in-1 brush - Revamp
Progloss Airstyle 6-in-1 brush - Revamp


In addition to powerful drying with a 1200W motor, the blower brush comes with 6 interchangeable styling attachments to create a wide variety of styling styles. Ionic jet technology tames frizz and flyaways for a silky-smooth finish.

A myriad of styles: create straightening, waves, volume and curls with the various accessories:
- 19 MM HOT AIR CURLING IRON ACCESSORY:Create effortless curls with optimum definition. Includes tongs for control and precision.
- 38 MM ROTARY ROUND BLOW BRUSH ACCESSORY: Ideal for adding volume and shaping for bouncy hair. With strong pins to lift hair at the roots.
- 32MM ROUND BRIGHT BRUSH ACCESSORY: Adds extra volume at the roots while creating soft waves at the ends. Simply wrap your hair around the brush for natural volume and bounce.
- FLAT BLOW BRUSH ACCESSORY, FOR SMOOTHING AND SHAPING: Smooth your hair without resorting to extreme heat with the flat blow brush for smoothing and shaping. With its soft, rounded tips, the brush glides over large strands of your hair, with smooth results, while drying your hair.
-FINGER DIFFUSER ACCESSORY: For even drying while creating ultimate volume at the roots.
- DRYING TIP ACCESSORY: Eliminates excess humidity (from wet to damp hair), and prepares hair for styling with our other accessories.

Suitable for wet and dry hair and all hair types, thanks to heat and speed settings, including a touch of cold air to set your style. The cylinder is infused with ultra-gentle Progloss™ oils that enhance hair's shine and luster. Whatever your desires-defined curls, a high-volume or sleek style-this blow brush will help you style effortlessly.

Enhanced shine: to give your styles a smooth finish, this brush is easy to use and features Ionic Jet technology. Each styling attachment is infused with our unique combination of Progloss™ super-smooth oils for enhanced shine.

Equipped with a 3-meter professional cord for freedom of movement.
Model: DR-1250. 3-year warranty.
Suitable for children over 16.
Made in China.

Directions for use

- Wash your hair and use conditioner as usual.
- Squeeze out excess moisture with a towel and comb through to detangle.
- Apply a thermo-protective spray before drying.
- Plug into a 220-240V mains socket
- Before using the blower brush, make sure the appliance is switched off and has cooled down. Attach the accessory to the end of the blower brush so that it engages securely. To remove the accessory, press and slide the release button.

CAUTION: Always ensure that the Airstyle is cool before removing an attachment.

- To remove any excess humidity and prepare your hair for styling, please use the drying attachment.
- To create curls and waves with volume at the roots, use the 32 mm pin blow brush.
- To create effortless curls, use the 19 mm hot-air curling iron. Wrap hair around the cylinder, then release the clamp to hold hair securely in place.
- For even drying and ultimate volume at the roots, use the diffuser.
- For volume and shaping, use the 38 mm rotating brush with strong pins. Pull the brush up to rotate it, ensuring easy, flawless styling. Push the brush down to engage.
- For a smooth, shiny finish, use the flat brush for smoothing and shaping. Its soft, rounded-tip pimples gently massage the scalp to minimize root damage.
- Set the temperature and speed selectors on the handle to the desired position (high temperature and speed settings for drying and low heat and speed settings for styling).



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Progloss Airstyle 6-in-1 brush

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Multifunctional blower brush with 6 accessories.


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