• Progloss Hollywood Curl Iron Protection & Shine - Revamp
  • Progloss Hollywood Curl Iron Protection & Shine - Revamp
  • Progloss Hollywood Curl Iron Protection & Shine - Revamp
  • Progloss Hollywood Curl Iron Protection & Shine - Revamp
  • Progloss Hollywood Curl Iron Protection & Shine - Revamp
  • Progloss Hollywood Curl Iron Protection & Shine - Revamp
Progloss Hollywood Curl Iron Protection & Shine - Revamp


For easy styling, this innovative curling iron features a large-diameter, self-rotating cylinder ideal for long to very long hair. Get waves and curls without the risk of breakage or overheating! Thanks to its transparent corolla, you can see and remove your hair strand at any time.

The intelligent heat control system constantly regulates temperature to minimize heat damage and treat your hair with the utmost respect. You can vary the temperature from 150°C to 210°C. The multi-directional rotary knob makes styling on either side of the head effortless. Ionic jets ensure frizz-free curls. The cylinder is infused with ultra-gentle Progloss™ oils that enhance hair's shine and luster.

Automatic rotation system: The automatic rotation system comes in handy for easy styling. Whether you prefer waves or defined curls, you can create a variety of hairstyles with customized settings. Hair is automatically drawn in, and gently heated to form beautiful curls and waves. To alternate the orientation of your curls, simply select the left or right rotation buttons.

Customized temperature settings: Ultra-fast variable temperature control, from 150°C to 210°C, adapts to different hair types and textures. Simply select the styling temperature and direction of rotation, and you're ready to go.

Create a wide variety of styles: The styles you create depend on how long you leave your hair in the curling cylinder. To give you a clear indication of how long your hair has been heated, this styling tool emits beep sounds.

Precise styling with added shine: Whether you prefer Hollywood curls or waves, this tool will always deliver brilliant styles. This unique curling iron is infused with our unique combination of Progloss super-smooth oils, including keratin, argan oil and coconut oil.

For use on dry hair only.
Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes.
25 mm ceramic barrel.

Includes heat-resistant silicone mat.
Model: CL-2250. 3-year warranty.

Suitable for children over 16.
Made in China.

Directions for use

- Before use, make sure your hair is clean, dry and well detangled.
- Plug the appliance into a 220-240 V mains outlet.
- Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to switch on the appliance. Then press the temperature control knob to select the desired temperature, indicated by the white LED lights. Once the LED stops flashing, the unit has reached the selected temperature and is ready for use.

-Soft waves 170°C
-Loose curls 190°C
-Tight curls 210°C

- Separate hair into 3 cm-wide strands. Before curling, detangle each strand of hair by brushing or combing well (from scalp to ends).
- To preserve the health of your hair, spray with a heat protection spray.

VERY IMPORTANT - When curling your own hair, be sure to hold the appliance so that the knobs face you. If you're curling a friend's hair, make sure the knobs face her. Always make sure that the control buttons with the REVAMP logo on the front of the appliance are facing you or your friend's face.

- Feed hair through the small slot on the front of the device, then through the larger opening at the back of the product.
- Hold the device about 50 - 75 mm from your head.
- Choose the direction of the curl by pressing the right or left curl button. For curls to the left of the head, press the right button and vice versa.

VERY IMPORTANT - Be careful not to put your fingers in the large opening at the back of the unit or touch the heated cylinder.

- Keep your finger pressed down on the curl button and the hair will immediately wrap around the heated cylinder.
- Keep your finger pressed while your hair is wrapped around the cylinder, until you hear the beep.
- The curling system stops and a beep is heard after 10 seconds, which is enough to curl normal hair.
- After the beep, release the button and wait for the cylinder to stop rotating before removing the appliance from the hair and releasing the curls.

- WARNING: When the curling mechanism has stopped, always pull the product down to release the curl.



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Progloss Hollywood Curl Iron Protection & Shine

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