• 1-month hair nutrition duo - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
  • 1-month hair nutrition duo - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
1-month hair nutrition duo - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS


The 1-month Hair Nutrition Duo offers a 100% natural formula with 360° action: by providing keratin and the active ingredients that make it up, the fiber is densified, gaps filled, scales closed, regrowth activated and hair perfectly restructured.

Active ingredients:
- Sulfur amino acids, B vitamins and minerals (copper, iron, zinc) to synthesize keratin, a protein naturally produced by the body.
- Pure, natural keratin with scientifically-proven action on hair loss and structure.
- Gastro-resistant vegetarian capsules.

- 97% found their hair healthier.
- 100% say their hair is of better quality.
- 100% report that their hair is moisturized.
- 100% report improved hair structure.
- 85% find their hair revitalized.

These supplements are suitable for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for children under 18. As it contains iodine (< 150 µg/day), Complexe de Pousse is not recommended for people with thyroid problems, or those allergic to fish, shellfish or sulfites. As Keratin Absolute may also contain sulfites, it is not recommended for allergy sufferers.
The packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Contains 28 capsules for Absolu de Kératine and 56 capsules for Complexe de Pousse, for 1 month's treatment.
Made in France.

Directions for use

For Keratin Absolute, take 1 capsule a day. For the Growth Complex, take 2 capsules a day, at any time of the day.
You need to take this treatment 3 months in a row for visible, long-lasting results on the hair fiber.
Can be taken continuously.


Ingrédients de l&#039;Absolu de Kératine (1 gél.) : Cynatine® HNS1 : hydrolysat de kératine (sulfites) 500 mg, gélule végétale (agent d’enrobage : hydroxypropylméthylcellulose, gélifiant : gomme gellane), farine de banane verte.,Ingrédients du Complexe de Pousse (2 gél.) : Gélule végétale (agent d’enrobage : hydroxypropylméthylcellulose, gélifiant : gomme gellane), extrait de parties aériennes de roquette - Eruca vesicaria 100 mg (EPS** 400 mg),,L-méthionine 100 mg • L-cystine 100 mg, farine de banane verte, chlorhydrate de L-lysine 60 mg, L-arginine 60 mg, extrait de parties aériennes de prêle des champs - Equisetum arvense 40 mg (EPS** 80 mg) titré en silice 2,8 mg,,poudre de thalle de lithothamne - Lithotamnium calcareum (poisson, mollusque, crustacé) 30 mg, poudre de spiruline - Spirulina platensis 30 mg, poudre de chlorelle - Chlorella vulgaris (sulfites) 30 mg,,vitamine B5 (acide pantothénique) 12 mg 200% AR*, vitamine B9 (acide folique) 200 µg 100% AR*, vitamine B8 (biotine) 50 µg 100% AR*. * Apports de Référence ** Equivalent Plantes Sèches


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1-month hair nutrition duo

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1-month treatment to stimulate hair growth.


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