• Perfect Skin Program - DLab
  • Perfect Skin Program - DLab
  • Perfect Skin Program - DLab
  • Perfect Skin Program - DLab
  • Perfect Skin Program - DLab
Perfect Skin Program - DLab


The Peau Parfaite program is a complete 360° program that acts on the sources of imbalance in problem skin. In 3 complementary steps, it regulates sebum, accelerates healing and removes imperfections over the long term by balancing the microbiota.

Reduces excess sebum to refine and clear blemishes: with less sebum, pores breathe more easily and close up, giving way to smoother skin. Highly concentrated in silica, the Fine Skin Complex dislodges subcutaneous imperfections, mattifies the skin and regulates excess sebum.

Penetrates tissues to deeply cleanse the skin: With its extracts of stinging nettle, red pansy and burdock, Skin Detox cleanses tissues and filter organs to deeply cleanse the body. Its formula also contains probiotics, as good digestion is essential for beautiful skin.

Accelerates healing, rehydrates and soothes the skin: Regeneration Activator accelerates skin renewal so that it regenerates faster, leaving it suppler, more beautiful and scar-free. Thanks to grape-seed extracts, it protects the skin from free radicals to prevent premature cellular aging.

This program combines 31 innovative ingredients to create the effect of a genuine inner scrub. Together, they actively purify, smooth and regenerate tissues for a new skin.

Wild pansy deep-cleanses the skin, stinging nettle extract reduces excess sebum, which contributes to enlarged pores and blemishes, and chasteberry and vitamin B6 regulate hormonal activity and combat acne.

This program contains :

- 1 Regeneration Activator containing 2 capsules a day for 28 days
- 1 Clean Skin Complex containing 2 capsules a day for 28 days
- 1 Skin Detox containing 2 capsules a day for 28 days

This program has no side effects. Not recommended for pregnant and/or breast-feeding women. Not recommended for people allergic to fish, crustaceans and mollusks, as it may contain traces of them. Consult a doctor if you are taking anticoagulants, hypothyroidism or thyroid treatment.

Recycled and recyclable bottle.
Capacity: 1 month - 3x56 capsules.

Made in France.

Directions for use

Take 2 capsules of each per day in the morning, except for Regeneration Activator, which is recommended in the evening for action at night, when the skin is regenerating.

Complexe Peau Nette is not recommended for people allergic to fish, shellfish and sulfites, or for those suffering from thyroid disorders.

For optimal effects, we recommend following this treatment 2 months in a row.
Repeat every 2 months.



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Perfect Skin Program

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For regenerated, purified, matte skin.


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