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  • Prebio Beauty - DIJO
  • Prebio Beauty - DIJO
Prebio Beauty - DIJO


Prebio Beauty is a cocktail of 6 compounds that deeply moisturize the skin, protect it from external aggressors, make it firm and elastic, and restore radiance and a natural glow.

Prebiotics are food for intestinal bacteria. Properly nourished, good bacteria will grow and release compounds essential to the body's ability to enhance skin beauty, among other things.
Intestinal flora has a significant impact on skin quality. This treatment combines the indirect action of prebiotics, which nourish the intestinal microbiota - itself intrinsically linked to the skin microbiota - to improve skin appearance, with direct action on the skin, thanks to the presence of 5 active ingredients recognized for their action on skin health and appearance.


- Favonoids with a prebiotic effect boost the microbiota.

- Marine collagen acts on the skin's support and firming functions.

- Hyaluronic acid and its precursor N-Acetyl-glucosamine work together to provide hydration and softness.

- MicrobiomeX® improves intestinal defenses.

- Grape seed protects against oxidative damage and external aggressors, improving skin health and appearance.

- Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation.

For pregnant and/or breastfeeding women and children, consult a physician before use. Not recommended for children under 3.

Packaging in recyclable plastic.
Capacity: 60 capsules of Prebio Beauty, equivalent to 1 month's treatment.
Made in France.

Directions for use

Take 2 capsules a day for 1 month.
Repeat at least 2 times a year, at each change of season, after a minimum one-month break.

Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, close the pill dispenser tightly.


Ingrédients pour 2 gélules : microbiomex® (mélange d’extraits secs de fruits de citrus sinensis (oranger doux) et citrus paradisi (pomelo) titré à 80% d’hespéridine et 5% de naringine) 250 mg, poudre de collagène marin naticol® 150 mg ,,acide hyaluronique 100 mg, n-acétyl-glucosamine 50 mg, vitamine c 80 mg soit 100 % des ar, extrait de pépin de raisin à 95%, opc (oligoproanthocyanidines) 50 mg (dont opc : 47,5 mg), enveloppe : gélule végétale hpmc.,


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Prebio Beauty

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Prebiotics for healthy skin and a natural glow.

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