• CLEAN IN Acne cleansing supplement - Skin & Out
  • CLEAN IN Acne cleansing supplement - Skin & Out
  • CLEAN IN Acne cleansing supplement - Skin & Out
  • CLEAN IN Acne cleansing supplement - Skin & Out
  • CLEAN IN Acne cleansing supplement - Skin & Out
CLEAN IN Acne cleansing supplement - Skin & Out


CLEAN IN Acne Cleansing Supplement is a dietary supplement for a special acne skin detox. It cleanses the body before taking action against the pimple. Composed of a blend of probiotics, prebiotics and plants to balance and strengthen the filtering organs (liver and intestine), it significantly improves the appearance of the skin and better assimilates the active ingredients.

The intestinal microbiota is a group of bacteria that inhabit the digestive tract, particularly the colon. It forms a subtle balance between good bacteria, which must always be present in sufficient numbers and with sufficient diversity, and pathogenic bacteria (bad bacteria).
The most recent research shows that there is a link between a well-balanced intestinal microbiota and a well-balanced skin. Conversely, a disturbance in the balance of the intestinal microbiota can result in increased inflammation of the skin, leading to acne.

Organs such as the liver and intestine are essential for filtering the toxins that enter the body on a daily basis. Modern diets, stress and pollution, as well as the use of certain medications, pills and the like, mean that these organs are subjected to a sometimes excessive workload. When they can no longer filter out all the toxins, they have to find another way out. Unfortunately, the skin is often one of these outlets.
So, to soothe acne, it's essential to unclog these filtering organs and give them a little boost so they can recycle toxins properly.


- Probiotics (Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Rhamnosus and Casei) and prebiotics (Fructo-oligosaccharides from beet) contribute to a well-balanced intestinal microbiota and relieve inflammation.

- Broccoli extract helps detoxify filtering organs.

- Green tea acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Clinical results:

- Out of 20 consumers, 89% claim that the dietary supplement relieved their acne after daily use.
- Out of 20 consumers, 90% said the dietary supplement improved the appearance of their skin after daily use.
- Out of 18 consumers, 67% said the dietary supplement improved their digestive system after daily use.

This supplement is formulated for people with mild to moderate acne, pill discontinuation, digestive discomfort, antibiotics, fatigue, excessive alcohol consumption or dietary deviations.

Suitable for all skin types. Not suitable for pregnant and/or breast-feeding women. Not recommended for children under 13. For people with hypothyroidism or thyroid treatment, consult a doctor before use.

Recyclable aluminum packaging.
Capacity: 60 capsules, equivalent to one month's treatment.
Made in France.

Directions for use

Take 2 capsules a day with a full glass of water before a meal. You can also open them up and put them in yoghurt or similar, but there's no guarantee that the cure will be as effective.

The cure lasts one month, and can be repeated if you feel the need (change of season, excess of food or alcohol, intestinal discomfort).

It's normal to experience a flare-up of pimples while taking this supplement - in fact, it's a good sign that the cure is working.


Extrait de jus d’inflorescence de brocoli (brassica oleraceae var. italica), fructooligosaccharides, gélule d’origine végétale gastro-resistante (agent d’enrobage : hydroxypropylméthylcellulose),,extrait de feuille de thé vert (camellia sinensis), lactobacillus rhamnosus tyndallisé (lait, soja), lactobacillus casei tyndallisé (lait, soja), lactobacillus acidophilus tyndallisé (lait, soja), extrait de son de riz.,


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CLEAN IN Acne cleansing supplement

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Special acne detox food supplement.

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