• Konjac sponge - Bachca
  • Konjac sponge - Bachca
  • Konjac sponge - Bachca
  • Konjac sponge - Bachca
Konjac sponge - Bachca


The Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural sponge made from konjac root plant fibers that gently cleanses and exfoliates.
It perfectly removes makeup, dead cells and excess sebum to leave skin purified, soft and luminous.

Suitable for all skin types.
This product's secondary packaging is made from recyclable cardboard.
Made in China.

Directions for use

Start by moistening your Konjac sponge until it's nice and soft.
Then apply a dab of cleanser to the sponge and work up a lather, using small circular motions all over your face.
Then rinse the sponge with clear water and hang it up to dry.

To clean your Konjac sponge more thoroughly, simply bring half a liter of water to the boil, leave it to soak for fifteen minutes or so, then wring it out as well as possible. You can also pour 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil onto the damp sponge before boiling it. Then hang it up to dry.



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This product is guaranteed not to contain any ingredients of animal origin, and no animal resources have been used in its manufacture.


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Konjac sponge

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