• Skin Vivid - Silk'n
  • Skin Vivid - Silk'n
  • Skin Vivid - Silk'n
  • Skin Vivid - Silk'n
  • Skin Vivid - Silk'n
  • Skin Vivid - Silk'n
Skin Vivid - Silk'n


Silk'n SkinVivid has been specially designed for hot and cold facial massages, to provide a relaxing, detoxifying and regenerating effect that makes your complexion more even.
Your skin is revitalized, and you'll even notice a reduction in dark circles. What's more, this device makes your make-up last longer by tightening your pores. Your skin looks radiant and much healthier.

-Hot and cold (sonic) facial massage
-Improves blood circulation and revitalizes the skin
-Reduces dark circles and evens out skin tone
-Improves absorption of cosmetics
-Practical storage pouch and cleansing square

Warm massages: Silk'n SkinVivid can be used in warm mode. Its ergonomic massage head rapidly emits pleasant heat, reaching a temperature of 42°C. Applying this heat to your skin helps it to relax. Tension is released, toxins are eliminated and blood circulation is stimulated. Its stimulating action makes your complexion more even. In addition, heat considerably improves the absorption of beauty products such as creams. The effect of the active nutrients provided by your skin care products is thus reinforced. Would you like to pamper your skin even more? With SkinVivid, you can also combine the benefits of warm massages with those of sonic vibrations. In addition to emitting heat, SkinVivid can also generate vibrations that enhance the effects of hot massages tenfold.

Cold massages: Over the years, skin tissue tends to slacken. Wrinkles and fine lines appear and deepen. Facial massages can delay this aging process by promoting muscle strengthening and cell regeneration. Silk'n SkinVivid's cold mode, set at a temperature of 6°C, has been specially developed to give sagging skin a new lease of life and even out your complexion. Not only are fine lines and wrinkles reduced, but dark circles are also diminished. Dilated pores are tightened, making skin smoother and allowing make-up to last longer. The cold mode also helps relieve headaches and muscular tension. You can also combine these benefits with those of sonic vibrations. These increase the effect of the cold on your skin tenfold.

Not suitable for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women. Not recommended for children under 18.

SkinVivid is not recommended for use on all types of facial implants (plastic, metal or silicone).

Recyclable packaging.

Made in China.

Directions for use

Please refer to the instructions for use for the correct protocol.



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Skin Vivid

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