• Tongue scraper - Lebon
  • Tongue scraper - Lebon
Tongue scraper - Lebon


This ritual, widespread in Asia, is still little-known in our regions. Yet in India, tongue scraping has been used since ancient times to purify the mouth.
One of the first benefits of tongue scraping is to combat halitosis (bad breath). Bacteria and food residues can accumulate on the tongue, and this bacterial overgrowth can release volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) responsible for bad breath. Cleansing the tongue and removing this whitish coating significantly reduces bad breath.

But using a tongue scraper doesn't stop at fighting unpleasant breath. By aiding the mouth's natural detoxification process, tongue scraping - according to Ayurvedic Medicine - helps strengthen the immune system, as the mouth is one of the first barriers of defense against harmful bacteria and viruses. This holistic approach also emphasizes that tongue scraping activates the production of saliva, thus promoting healthy digestion.

This tongue scraper is made of stainless steel. Although some people recommend copper for its anti-bacterial properties, copper has the disadvantage of oxidizing very quickly. Lebon has adopted stainless steel to ensure that your tongue scraper remains pleasant to use over time and requires no maintenance.

Finally, after several passes, the tongue is free of food residues and bacteria, leaving the taste buds in full effervescence.

This product is suitable for pregnant women. The size of this tongue scraper is suitable for adults but not for children.
Stainless steel tongue scraper. Recyclable cardboard packaging.
Made in China.

Directions for use

Use the tongue scraper in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach, spacing out the days of use.
Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue as much as possible.
- Hold the tongue scraper with both hands, by both ends. Place it on the back of the tongue and, using light pressure, scrape the tongue from back to front.
- Repeat 4 to 6 times, rinsing the tongue scraper well between each stroke.
- At the end of the treatment, rinse the tongue scraper with hot water and dry it.
Store in a case or drawer.



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Tongue scraper

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Stainless steel tongue scraper.


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