• Set of 10 washable make-up remover wipes - Lamazuna
  • Set of 10 washable make-up remover wipes - Lamazuna
  • Set of 10 washable make-up remover wipes - Lamazuna
  • Set of 10 washable make-up remover wipes - Lamazuna
  • Set of 10 washable make-up remover wipes - Lamazuna
Set of 10 washable make-up remover wipes - Lamazuna


Say goodbye to disposable cotton pads and other make-up remover wipes, you'll love these zero-waste make-up remover wipes.
Lamazuna make-up remover wipes are made from microfiber, an ultra-absorbent fabric on which make-up adheres better than on the skin. There's no need to use make-up remover, just wet the wipe with tap water to remove your make-up.

Ultra-economical and effective with just water, reuse them up to 300 times!
Gentle and practical, they adapt to all skin types, even the most sensitive, and make even the most stubborn make-up disappear.
Simply hand-wash or machine-wash. Don't lose them in the machine, thanks to their wash net.

The microfiber wipes (70% polyester and 30% polyamide) are woven in Spain and cut in France, and the fabric is recyclable.
The GOTS-labeled organic cotton wash net is made in India.
The poplar wood box is made in France and decorated by illustrator Maëva Tur.
The whole set is packaged in France by an ESAT, an establishment for disabled workers.
Recyclable paper label.

Directions for use

Wet the wipe, then place it on your eye for two seconds before gently wiping your face. And you're ready to go!
There's no need to rub as hard as you would with a cotton pad, as the wipe will suck up the make-up. These wipes can be folded in two or four for greater precision around the eyes.

Do you wear heavy waterproof make-up?
In that case, you can add a drop of vegetable oil or make-up remover to finish it off.
Start by wetting the wipe with tap water, so that it loses its water-repellent properties and you don't waste any product.
Rinse it immediately after use if you're going to machine-wash it later, so that the make-up remover doesn't shorten its lifespan.

Once you've finished removing your make-up, place your wipes in their washing net and run them through the washing machine at between 40° and 90°. You can also wash them by hand. Once clean and dry, they're ready for another round!
Tip: if they seem less effective, boil them for 10 to 15 minutes. The fibers will tighten and they'll be almost as good as new again.



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Set of 10 washable make-up remover wipes

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A pretty box of 10 washable make-up remover wipes and their washing net.


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