• Le Gua Sha - Absolution
  • Le Gua Sha - Absolution
  • Le Gua Sha - Absolution
Le Gua Sha - Absolution


This Chinese massage accessory purifies the body and face of bad energy and physical and mental ailments (muscle and joint pain, fatigue, stress...).
On the face, the technique involves exerting a beneficial pressure on the skin to evacuate toxins and bad energy, as well as relieving muscles and tension. Regular use of Gua Sha is recommended to bring deep relaxation, radiance and youthfulness to the face.

Gua Sha can be used for a variety of purposes:
- Tones and firms the supporting muscles of the neck and face
- Promotes healthy blood circulation and oxygenates tissues for a radiant complexion;
- Diminish puffiness and dark circles, reducing signs of fatigue;
- Drain and facilitate the evacuation of toxins and negative energies for healthier skin;
- Prevent and reduce wrinkles and the first signs of aging;
- Reduce acne spots and even out skin tone;
- Free the face from tensions accumulated during the day.

100% rose quartz and 100% natural origin, it has calming properties. A symbol of love and peace, this stone helps to soothe on an emotional level, reducing stress and physical tension. Made from a natural stone, Gua Sha's color intensity, size and shape may vary.

Made in China.

Directions for use

Facial massage with Gua Sha should be performed slowly and deeply, on oiled skin to avoid friction.
For example, apply a few drops of Addiction Oil to clean, slightly damp skin. Massage movements should be upward, slow and repeated several times with varying degrees of pressure on the following areas (depending on your sensitivity):
- Neck: from the bottom to the top of the neck ;
- Jaw: from chin to ears;
- Cheeks: from the side of the nose to the temples;
- Eye contour: from inner corner of eyes to temples;
- Eyebrows: from beginning of eyebrows to temples;
- Forehead: from eyebrow line to hairline.

During the massage, your skin will turn red, a sign of good blood circulation. We recommend you perform this massage 2-3 times a week, or even every day.

Place your Gua Sha in the fridge a few hours before your massage for a decongestant effect, especially on puffiness.
Clean your Gua Sha after each use with mild soap and a clean towel.



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Le Gua Sha

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Rose quartz facial massage accessory with soothing properties.


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