Le Sourcil 3-step eyebrow kit.


This professional brush with its ergonomic handle has been specifically designed for the eyebrow. Its angled head ensures an exact gesture. It separates eyebrow hairs while hugging the arch.

The gel comes in mascara form. It features a highly precise, tapered mini-brush, specifically adapted to the area of application. Transparent, it provides impeccable, comfortable hold, sheathing without leaving deposits. The eyebrow is consecrated, sealed in space and time.

The high-precision Crayon-mine is available in eleven shades that adjust naturally to your colors (those of your eyebrow, your hair, your skin tone) and your character to magnify them. The pencil's dry texture ensures impeccable hold, with no need for touch-ups throughout the day. Thin, long-lasting, water-resistant and requiring no sharpener, it reproduces the line of the hair for an effortlessly nuanced effect.

59.90€ instead of 69€.

Directions for use

The brush: Brush the eyebrow from bottom to top, from roots to tips, to reveal its line, then in the direction of its natural shape to discipline it. After defining the eyebrow with a pencil, use the brush to finish the make-up by blending out a line that's too pronounced. In this way, color blends naturally into the curve. The brush can also be used to separate lashes.

Apply gel by brushing the eyebrow from root to tip, giving the desired movement to discipline and hold. Leave to dry.
If your eyebrows don't need to be modified with a pencil, or if on certain days you don't want to apply make-up, you can use the Gel alone, simply to fix your line. Daily use of the Gel can permanently tame stubborn hairs or a receding line.
Caution: Do not apply to eyelashes.

Unscrew the lead by just one millimeter to avoid breaking it. Trace the eyebrow hair by hair, creating an ideal curve by optimizing the existing line and intensifying its allure.


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Le Sourcil

Essentiels Sourcils IX

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Instead of €69.00

The 3 essentials for sublimating your eyebrows.

This pack contains

The brush
Eyebrow brush x 1
Le Crayon IX
Le Crayon IX x 1
Eyebrow fixative gel
Le Gel x 1

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