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This eyelash curler curls lashes beautifully.
Use before applying mascara.
Made in Japan.

Directions for use

Open the eyelash curler by spreading the handles. Center your lashes between the two strips of the curler (the bottom one is rubber), place the instrument at the base of the lashes, close to the eyelid, and apply light pressure to the handles. Hold in place for several seconds.
Curl the lashes upwards and outwards from the eye towards the tip of the lashes, repeating the process to accentuate the curve.
We recommend using the eyelash curler before applying mascara.
Before and after use, use a tissue and a suitable product to clean the eyelash curler.
Comes with an extra rubber band to replace the used one.



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Eyelash curler

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Sublimating eyelash curler.

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