• Skin Detox Set - MiYé
  • Skin Detox Set - MiYé
  • Skin Detox Set - MiYé
Skin Detox Set - MiYé


The Skin Detox Duo Set consists of a Moisturizing Perfecting Emulsion and a Clean Skin Detox Elixir. It targets the fundamental causes of adult hormonal acne, including inflammation, liver detoxification and the composition of the skin microbiome, enabling the skin to regain its balance in a lasting way.
Perfectly formulated to meet the specific needs of adult hormonal acne, this set represents a commitment to balanced, radiant skin.

It consists of two essential products for a complete skincare routine:

- Moisturizing Perfecting Emulsion: Our emulsion is a gentle anti-blemish solution that works by tackling the root causes of hormonally-induced blemishes - inflammation, skin microbiota composition and liver detoxification - while helping skin to regain its state of balance thanks to a selection of gentle, non-stripping active ingredients that work in the direction of skin flora. Its velvety, fresh, non-greasy, mattifying and comfortable texture is ideal as a make-up base.

- Detox elixir for clear skin: This elixir, concentrated in plants and zinc gluconate, promotes detoxification and drainage of the body, contributing to clear, blemish-free skin and a radiant complexion, even for acne and dull complexion problems. Working both inside (In) and outside (Out), it aims to deliver lasting results by tackling root causes rather than simply treating symptoms. Specially designed to provide relief for women struggling with hormone-related acne, the elixir's formula helps soothe problem skin in areas such as the neck, jawline and back, which are often prone to hormonal acne. Also ideal for those suffering from breast tension, bloating, constipation or water retention problems linked to estrogen dominance.

Natural fragrance of rose, raspberry and hibiscus.
The Perfecting Moisturizing Emulsion is 99% natural origin and the Elixir Detox Peau Nette is 75% natural origin.
Suitable for all skin types.

Not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Not suitable for children under 16.
In case of medical treatment, consult a physician.
Primary packaging recyclable, secondary packaging recyclable.
Contents : Moisturizing Perfecting Emulsion 40ml + Clean Skin Detox Elixir 60ml, approx. 40 days' use.
Made in France.

Directions for use

- Moisturizing perfecting emulsion:
Apply morning and/or evening to the face.
Perfect as a make-up base.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.
Avoid applying to skin lesions. If you experience any intolerance or irritation, consult a doctor.

- Elixir detox peau nette :
Before use, shake well and dilute 4 ml (equivalent to 1 measuring cap or 1 teaspoon) in your morning drink. We recommend taking this supplement during the 15 days preceding menstruation, after overeating or during seasonal changes.
Limit use to a maximum of one month's consecutive detox program per season.

After opening, store in a cool place and consume within one month.


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Skin Detox set

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Moisturizing emulsion and detox elixir.


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