• Afternoon spa set - Ho Karan
  • Afternoon spa set - Ho Karan
Afternoon spa set - Ho Karan


- Treat yourself to a serene, indulgent break with OKLM infusion (2.5g).
- Spray La Vie en Vert (100ml) at home to immerse yourself in the spa atmosphere.
- Let go with a massage (or self-massage), using Huile Stupéfiante (30ml).

Ho Karan products are THC-free.

Actual value of the set: €50, i.e. 10% discount.
As this set contains essential oils, it is not recommended for pregnant women or children under 3.
The plastic used is recycled and recyclable, as is the glass. The box is not recycled but recyclable. Pumps not recyclable.
Made in France.

Directions for use

OKLM CBD infusion: Drink in the evening or throughout the day for a relaxing break.
To enhance the absorption of CBD in a hemp infusion, it's important to add a touch of fat, as CBD is fat-soluble (soluble in fats and oils): vegetable milk, a knob of butter or coconut oil, for example.

La Vie en Vert: As an interior purifier, use three or four sprays to purify your room.
As a textile sanitizer: For textiles and yoga mats, spray from a distance of 40 cm.
Pull the cap tight to access the spray, do not unscrew.

Multi-purpose stupefying oil: Spray in the palm of your hand and apply wherever you wish: face, elbows, body, hair or beard.



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Ho Karan

Afternoon spa set

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Turn your home into a mini spa for just a moment, with the Afternoon Spa gift set.


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