• Whey protein - Chocolate- Protelicious
  • Whey protein - Chocolate- Protelicious
  • Whey protein - Chocolate- Protelicious
Whey protein - Chocolate- Protelicious


Chocolate proteins are made with 100% Valrhona cocoa powder. A blend reminiscent of a cup of hot chocolate.
It's a pleasure that considerably improves health, without added sugar or guilt. They're delicious when mixed with coconut water or almond milk and peanut butter. Whatever the recipe, you'll love them!
They come from grass-fed cows and contain Valrhona cocoa powder and organic stevia.
They help improve and stabilize the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat mass. Proteins maintain immunity, while active antioxidants detoxify and prevent inflammation and ageing by fighting free radicals (sun, pollution, alcohol, tobacco, etc.). They regulate blood sugar and lipids and promote intestinal comfort.

Who is it for? For people who want a daily protein intake.

Flavor: Gourmet Chocolate.
This product is formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin.

Suitable for pregnant and/or breast-feeding women.
Not recommended for children under 3. Not recommended for people allergic to dairy products.

Non-recyclable primary packaging.
Capacity: 500g or 20 portions.
Made in France.

Directions for use

Take 1 dose a day, i.e. 25 grams of protelicious whey powder.
Mix, as desired, into cold drinks of your choice such as almond milk, cold coffee, smoothies, cold soups, or many other Protelicious recipes.

Storage conditions: at room temperature, preferably protected from light (and ideally, less than 65% humidity).
The properties of Protelicious are preserved when the powder is mixed with cold or room-temperature beverages or liquids, and NOT with hot liquids exceeding 70 degrees.


Concentré de protéine de lactosérum(produit laitier), poudre de cacao Valrhona (15%),stévia biologique.,


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Whey protein - Intense chocolate (500g)

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Chocolate-flavored protein concentrate.

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