• Programme Action-Capitons 2 mois - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
  • Programme Action-Capitons 2 mois - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
  • Programme Action-Capitons 2 mois - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS
Programme Action-Capitons 2 mois - D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS


This program contains 28 active ingredients that work together to combat dimpled skin and its causes. It eliminates excess water, boosts blood circulation and activates fat burning. For a firmer body and smoother skin.

Action-Capitons is a Signature program featuring 28 active ingredients that work together to combat dimpling and its causes: poor blood circulation is responsible for water retention, which traps fat and gives the skin a dimpled appearance. Fennel promotes elimination of excess water to access deep-seated fat, horse chestnut boosts blood circulation to release lipids into the bloodstream, and organic green tea and guarana activate the combustion of these released fats to support weight loss.

- Fennel promotes urinary and renal elimination.
- Ash and yellow gentian stimulate drainage.
- Dandelion and chicory support detoxification mechanisms.

- Horse chestnut and sweet clover extracts, titrated in coumarin, support blood circulation, improving circulation in the legs and reducing the sensation of heavy legs.
- Red vine titrated in polyphenols and vitamin C ensure normal blood vessel function and improve circulatory well-being.
- Iron helps transport oxygen in the blood.

- Sweet pepper extract plays an active role in weight control. It converts free fat into energy and acts on thermogenesis, stress response, metabolic health and lipolysis.
- Powerful antioxidants derived from a combination of vitamin C, resveratrol and ORGANIC green tea to increase basal metabolic rate, promote energy expenditure and reduce fat assimilation by the body.
- Caffeine-rich guarana extract stimulates thermogenesis and thus weight loss.
- Piperine, the active molecule in our black pepper extract, increases thermogenesis and boosts absorption of the nutrients in the formula.

D-LAB looks to the future and designs its Signature programs to create virtuous circles, enabling the mechanisms set in motion to ensure maximum lasting results after the cure. D-LAB takes care of you and integrates specific active ingredients into each of its formulas to preserve the body day after day. Powerful antioxidants from organic red vine and green tea extracts and resveratrol. Vitamin C and iron keep blood vessels healthy and functioning optimally. Chicory and dandelion support healthy liver function and promote digestion.

Recyclable and recycled bottle.
15% immediate discount on a 2-month course of treatment.

- Metabolism Activator: Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Not recommended in cases of peptic ulcer, cardiac disorders (arrhythmia, hypertension) or hyperthyroidism. For adults only - Active Circulation Complex: Contains caffeine (22.0 mg / recommended daily intake), for adults only, not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Not recommended for people suffering from diseases resulting in abnormal iron accumulation (hemochromatosis, polycythemia...). Not recommended in cases of peptic ulcer, cardiac disorders or hyperthyroidism. Not recommended in cases of edematous cardiac or renal insufficiency. Not recommended for people on anticoagulant therapy. In case of medication, ask a health professional for advice. - Détox Drainant : This formula has no side effects. For adults only. Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Not recommended for patients with edematous heart or kidney disease, peptic ulcers or biliary obstructions. Not recommended in cases of known cross-allergy, particularly to plants in the Asteraceae or Apiaceae families (anise, celery, etc.), or to mugwort pollen or anethole. Cannot be substituted for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of young children. Protect from light, heat and humidity.

Capacity: 2 months - 6 x 56 capsules.
Made in France.

Directions for use

2 capsules of each per day. Preferably taken with breakfast in the morning, to prevent the elimination organs, which are highly solicited, from running on empty.
For Metabolism Activator, one capsule in the morning with breakfast, and one capsule at lunchtime.

For optimum effects, we recommend following this course of treatment for 3 consecutive months. Repeat every 2 months.


Ingrédients Activateur de Métabolisme (2 gél.) :Gélule végétale : Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Extrait de thé vert titré en polyphénols 150 mg (EPS 300 mg) ; feuille, Oxyde de magnésium marin dont magnésium 60,5 mg 16% AR ,,NAC - N-AcétylCystéine 100 mg, Extrait de piment titré en capsaïcine 100 mg (EPS 400 mg) ; fruit, Extrait de guarana titré en caféine 100 mg (EPS 300 mg) ; graine,, Vitamine C 80 mg 100% AR, Extrait de riz, Resvératrol 20 mg,,CavaQ10® (gamma-cyclodextrine ; coenzyme Q10) 20 mg, Vitamine B3 16 mg 100% AR, Biopérine® - Extrait de poivre noir titré en piperine 15 mg (EPS 750 mg) ; fruit, Vitamine B2 1,4 mg 100% AR,,Levure enrichie en sélénium dont sélénium 55 µg 100% AR, Extrait de lichen dont vitamine D3 5 µg 100% AR.Ingrédients Complexe Circulation Active (2 gél.) :Gélule végétale (agent d’enrobage : hydroxypropylméthylcellulose,,gélifiant : gomme gellane), Extrait de vigne rouge titré en polyphénols 130 mg (EPS 390 mg) ; feuille, Extrait de guarana titré en caféine 100 mg ; graine (EPS 300 mg), Extrait d'ortie piquante titré en polyphénols,,silice et silicium 100 mg (EPS 200 mg) ; partie aérienne, Extrait de marron d'Inde titré en aescine et polyphénols 90 mg (EPS 360 mg) ; graine, Extrait d'orthosiphon 60 mg (EPS 180 mg) ; feuille,


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Program Action-Capitons 2 months

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