• Silk'n IPL7 - Silk'n
  • Silk'n IPL7 - Silk'n
  • Silk'n IPL7 - Silk'n
  • Silk'n IPL7 - Silk'n
  • Silk'n IPL7 - Silk'n
  • Silk'n IPL7 - Silk'n
Silk'n IPL7 - Silk'n


The IPL7 epilator is the first dual-lamp pulsed-light epilator with a rotating head. It's ergonomically designed to remove hair from even the most difficult-to-reach areas. This new-generation epilator is the perfect ally for smooth, perfectly epilated skin at home.
It's effective for all skin tones, and automatically adjusts the intensity to suit your skin.


- A rotating head with six different angles and three interchangeable heads for different parts of the body and face.
- A lifetime of 600,000 light pulses and a Bluetooth pulse counter.
- A 7-minute session for underarms, bikini area or half-leg, with ultra-fast flash emission of up to 2 flashes per second.

For the best hair removal results, Silk'n IPL7 uses patented technology combining galvanic and optical energy. Galvanic energy opens pores, allowing optical energy to easily reach hair follicles. Optical energy is selectively absorbed by the hair shaft, effectively and permanently removing hair as quickly as possible.

The effectiveness of galvanic and optical technologies has been clinically proven. An independent study has demonstrated the safe and effective use of the home epilator. The device reduces hair growth by up to 92.3% after 6 sessions, with a 2-week interval between each session. Completely painless to use, it won't damage the skin.

Suitable for all skin and hair shades, with the exception of white hair.

Not suitable for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

Menstruate regularly for at least 2 years before use.
Recyclable packaging.
This product contains: IPL7 device, three interchangeable heads, carrying case, 3m power cord and razor.
Made in China.

Directions for use

The device offers five intensity levels. You can adjust the intensity yourself, or let your Silk'n IPL7 determine the right level for your hair and skin color. It uses advanced skin detection technology to detect skin tone just before each flash.

The epilator can be used on various parts of the body, face, underarms and bikini area:

- The 5 cm2 head is ideal for larger areas such as arms, legs or back.
- The 2.5 cm2 head is perfect for underarms and bikini area.
- The 1 cm2 head is ideal for small facial areas such as the upper lip and the front of the ear.

With the Silk'n app, you can create a personalized program and use the calendar function to track sessions. The app alerts you when the next session is due, and connects via Bluetooth to display the remaining light pulses. It is available as a free download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.



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Silk'n IPL7

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Silk'n pulsed-light epilator with rotating head.


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