• Jewel Luxx - Silk'n
  • Jewel Luxx - Silk'n
  • Jewel Luxx - Silk'n
  • Jewel Luxx - Silk'n
  • Jewel Luxx - Silk'n
  • Jewel Luxx - Silk'n
Jewel Luxx - Silk'n


Discover an extremely easy way to remove hair with Silk'n Jewel LUXX.
This epilator emits light pulses that painlessly remove hair over a long period of time, just like an IPL treatment in a beauty salon. What's more, thanks to an automatic light pulse system, Jewel LUXX allows you to remove hair much more quickly. You'll have silky-smooth skin in no time!

Millions of people around the world use IPL technology to stop hair regrowth over a long period of time. Typically, this kind of treatment is offered in beauty salons. Silk'n was the first to develop a light hair removal system for home use, using patented HPL™ (Intense Pulsed Light at Home) technology. This technology is clinically attested and recommended by leading dermatologists as safe, easy and effective. Treatments are easy to apply and reduce hair regrowth by up to 92.3% after 6 sessions performed every two weeks.

With this epilator, hair removal is ultra-fast and automatic, thanks to patented Touch&Glide technology. In fact, the Jewel LUXX has just one button to turn it on and off, or to choose between 5 power levels. You no longer need to press a push-button to emit a flash of light. For effective body and face hair removal, Silk'n Jewel LUXX also emits 200,000 light pulses over a 3 cm² multi-purpose treatment area. Silk'n Infinity features a unique skin color analyzer that automatically analyzes your skin. If your skin color is too dark for a certain energy level, the sensor lights up and stops emitting a flash of light.

Results vary from person to person, depending on hair type and biological factors that can affect hair growth cycles. Some users will achieve results faster or slower than the average number of sessions. Hair removal effectiveness varies from person to person, depending on the area treated, hair color and the way the device is used. Permanent hair reduction cannot be achieved with just one or even two sessions. The length of the resting period for hair follicles also depends on the area of the body.

Not suitable for pregnant and/or breast-feeding women. Not recommended for children under 16 or on tattoos.

Recyclable packaging.

Made in Israel.

Directions for use

Ideal treatment areas include underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, back, shoulders and torso (excluding nipples). The device is suitable for use below the cheekbones, but not around or near the eyes or lips. Please refer to the instruction leaflet for protocol and contraindications.



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Jewel Luxx

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Intense pulsed light epilator.


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