• Exfoliating pebble - Lamazuna
  • Exfoliating pebble - Lamazuna
  • Exfoliating pebble - Lamazuna
Exfoliating pebble - Lamazuna


Treat yourself to an unforgettable moment of well-being with this natural exfoliating pebble. It will leave your skin soft, luminous and free of impurities.
Nothing but clay with soothing and healing properties to care for your body, feet and elbows, legs before waxing, and even your face and its imperfections, or your mosquito bites!
Forget rasping pumice stones and liquid exfoliants with their microplastic beads, opt for our hard-wearing pebble made from French clays and hand-crafted in the Drôme region.

This pebble is 100% natural. Made exclusively from French clays from the Yonne region. It can be kept for life if not damaged. A beautiful, natural, French, useful and zero-waste product to complete your beauty routine!

Recyclable cardboard box.
Made in France.

Directions for use

Once moistened, massage your body (before waxing, it's perfect for preparing the skin) or face (depending on your sensitivity) with circular movements, without pressing too hard. Say goodbye to dead skin and hello to purified, soft skin!
It's important to wet the pebble before use to avoid the risk of burns.

Let your exfoliating pebble dry before storing it in a dry place between uses.
Be careful not to drop or damage the pebble. If ever a chip is made on your pebble, you can "sand" it with a whetstone to make it as good as new again.
Keep out of reach of children. Suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women.



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This product is guaranteed not to contain any ingredients of animal origin, and no animal resources have been used in its manufacture.


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Exfoliating pebble

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Indulge in a moment of well-being with this clay pebble, reusable for life.


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