• Safety razor - Lamazuna
  • Safety razor - Lamazuna
  • Safety razor - Lamazuna
  • Safety razor - Lamazuna
Safety razor - Lamazuna


A safety razor is a kind of customized shaver.
Far from being just a handle and a blade, it can be adapted to any need. Whether you're shaving up close for men or women, or trimming your beard... the safety razor is made for you! Without appeal, the safety razor is a zero-waste object par excellence, because apart from the blades that can be changed, it's an object that can be kept for life!

Lamazuna safety razor blades have been selected for their effectiveness.
The Lamazuna safety razor is ideal for an easy, pleasant and fast shave. Its handle is made of French oak treated with linseed oil for optimum water resistance. What's more, the wood used for this shaver is PEFC-certified, meaning it comes from eco-managed forests.
Its head and comb are in chrome-plated zamak.

Recyclable cardboard label.
Handmade in France by a family business in the Puy-de-Dôme region.

Directions for use

Clean your skin with warm water. Next, use a foam, gel, soap or moisten a solid shaving bar, then run it over the skin to deposit a rich foaming cream. Shave in the direction of the hair first. If a few hairs remain, then pass the safety razor in the other direction, and to the left and right if necessary. Clean with cold water to close the pores and avoid irritation.
After each shave, remove the blade and rinse it to prevent rust. Leave to dry on a high cloth

To change the blade:
- Unscrew the head from the handle and remove the label (before first use).
- Detach the comb from the head to slide your blade into it.
- Place the blade on the head, turn the comb in the right direction, otherwise you won't be able to shave, then screw it back onto the handle.
- When screwed on, the head will tilt the blade slightly to ensure maximum safety during shaving.
Caution! A blade catches on the non-cutting sides.

Keep away from children.



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Safety razor

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A safety razor made from French oak.
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