• Oriculi beechwood - Lamazuna
  • Oriculi beechwood - Lamazuna
  • Oriculi beechwood - Lamazuna
  • Oriculi beechwood - Lamazuna
Oriculi beechwood - Lamazuna


A 100% French wooden Oriculi, just oiled, for a 100% natural result. Reusable, long-lasting and guaranteed splinter-free!
Here's a 100% French alternative to cotton buds and other reusable cleaners, ultra-easy to use and guaranteed to keep your ears free of plugs. It took over 2 years of French manufacturing and the development of dedicated tools.
Say goodbye to the bamboo Oriculi from China, this one is eco-designed and grew in a Jura forest, less than 250 km from Lamazuna's offices, for a greatly reduced environmental impact.

It's made from 100% sustainable French beech wood, without solvents or chemical varnishes.
Not recommended for children under 5.
Recyclable cardboard case.
Made in France.

Directions for use

Use it once or twice a week to remove the earwax visible at the entrance to the ear. Don't go any further! Earwax is an asset, since it protects the eardrum, so it's a good idea to keep it there as long as it's not unsightly. What about the pinna? A towel wrapped around your index finger will suffice.

You can use the Oriculi to clean children's ears, but it must be handled by an adult in a calm environment. Use your finger to make a stop to prevent the instrument from reaching the eardrum if the child makes a sudden movement.



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Oriculi beech wood

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Oriculi in beech wood for ear cleaning.

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