The recommendation

Take advantage of our tools and the support of your dedicated Stylist to find your ultra-customized beauty routine.

Jolimoi guides you through your beauty routine in 3 steps

Face, hair, make-up or dietary supplements, make the diagnosis to discover your matches products from our selection of skincare and accessories.

Your dedicated Stylist will advise you on your purchases by recommending the best ultra-customized beauty routines based on your diagnosis and your discussions.

Enjoy the beauty routine selected for you from our 70 plus partner-brands carefully chosen for their quality, expertise and values.

More than 70 brand-partners

Beauty, well-being, nutrition...
Our Jolimoi team not only discovers and launches new brands, but also established brands.
Innovation, quality, commitment and responsibility are at the heart of our selection process.
The diversity of our catalog gives you the freedom to consciously choose an ultra-customized multi-brand routine.

Your Stylist

There's no better recommendation than from someone who knows you, wants the best for you and whom you can trust. Jolimoi is the first Social Selling by recommendation platform bringing together the best Stylists for beauty.

I want to be a Stylist



39 years, Auray

I've chosen to replace my supermarket products with quality products. I target what I need and I no longer clutter up my bathroom. Packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, so the ecological footprint is reduced. My Beauty Stylist understands my needs (even when I can't formulate them completely), advises me without trying to add to the final bill, and knows perfectly what will suit my skin and personality. Since my 1st order, I haven't looked at products from the supermarkets!


24 years, Aytre

I've been won over by the products I've tested and chosen. Thanks to my discovery of Jolimoi, I've found products that suit my skin and respect criteria such as organic, natural and vegan, to which I'm very sensitive. I am finally sticking to a beauty routine that I consider to be a pleasure and not a constraint.


30 years, Angers

My relationship with my Beauty Stylist is caring, at listening to my expectations and present when I have questions about the products, it's always a pleasure to discuss with her. I'm never disappointed by the products, and I also discover brands I'd never have bought if I hadn't been guided. Another positive point is that is delivered quickly to your home, so you don't have to get impatient or travel.